Our Foundation

The Michael Brennan - Scotty Luce Foundation For Family Support supports Family Lives in its provision of home health care service to people with serious and complex health. The Foundation assists Family Lives patients and their loved ones in the achievement of ordinary family lives and community lives, lives where they have both a spot at home with family and a place in the community with friends.  One of the great joys of its work is to watch Family Lives patients and their loved ones defy society’s expectations as the Foundation’s patrons and their loved ones did.

Our Patrons

Michael Brennan

Born 26 May 1985 | Died 28 March 2010

Son | Brother | Friend | Homemaker | Graduate | Boston Red Sox Fan | New England Patriots Fan | Citizen | Parishioner | Advocate Of The Sanctity Of Life & Life Lived With Dignity

“Michael Brennan was remarkable young man. He was born with severe and complex medical conditions, and experienced numerous life-threatening episodes throughout his life.  They neither defined him nor limited his gift of giving and improving the life of others.  In twenty-four years, Michael never spoke a word nor demanded anything of those who loved and cared for him.  Instead, the example of his courage and tenacity in living inspired those around Michael to be their best in the love and caring they shared."
“Michael was responsible for two marriages that led to the birth of five children.  More importantly, his quiet, determined example profoundly influenced the lives of Matthew, his brother, Mary, his sister, his parents and his extended family, his friends, and his community. "
“Michael inspired his mother to become a nurse who, with other parents, founded a home health care agency that allowed hundreds of other medically complex children to live their lives in their own homes with their own families, many of whom will never know how Michael’s life made a difference in their own."
“Everyone wants their life to have meaning and improve the world in some way.  Michael’s life did.  For that, we are most blessed and grateful to have been part of it.”  –Carolyn & Michael Brennan

Scotty Luce

Born 16 April 1984 | Died 27 May 1996

Son | Friend | Neighbor | Student | Boston Red Sox Fan | Worcester Ice Cats Fan | Citizen | Benefactor Of The Homeless

“Scotty Luce was a young man who passed away from complex medical issues when he was 12 years old. Despite his complex medical challenges and requirement for in home private duty nursing, he was a happy person who enjoyed jokes, and an avid Red Sox and Worcester Ice Cats fan.  He deeply cared for other people, more specifically he cared for people who were homeless.  His greatest wish was to help other people live in their own homes and to participate fully in their respective communities.  He left his parents with a mission to help other people and their families.” –John & Tricia Luce

Join Us

The Foundation welcomes donations in the form of check (payable to The Michael Brennan - Scotty Luce Foundation For Family Support) or money order. Check or money order may be mailed to The Michael Brennan - Scotty Luce Foundation For Family Support, 36 West Main Street, Westborough, Massachusetts 01581.

Any questions regarding donations are directed to the Foundation at (508) 475-0493.