Our Guiding Principles

We believe that all people should be equally valued regardless of ability or disability.

We believe that every person we serve belongs at home and has an important role in family and community life.  Therefore we support, and we work towards integrated community living for all.

We are biased towards protecting the health and lives of the people we serve.  Therefore we will do nothing to hasten death.

All decisions are made conservatively and towards what is life-enhancing, especially if the decision is irreversible.

Technology that a person uses as a part of their every day care (mechanical or medicinal) shall be maintained until it is no longer helpful to preserve life or until the natural death of the patient.

Pain medication will be used to address pain and will not be given on a regular and increasing basis to hasten death.

All medication shall be used to address symptoms appropriate to the drug.

Orders that determine the boundaries of emergency medical interventions are to be based on clinical realities, and not a negative presumption of “quality of life.”

Orders that determine the boundaries of emergency medical intervention shall be written in specific and precise language (for example not DNR, rather they should be written as no chest compressions, etc.). In the absence of any orders that determine the boundaries of emergency medical intervention, “full code” is to be presumed.

We believe the provision of food, water and antibiotics are basic care and not medical treatment, regardless of how they are administered.  Food, water and antibiotics will be withheld or withdrawn only when and if the body can no longer tolerate it.

Should a person served, their family or guardian request the intervention of a palliative care team, we reserve the right to counter such a decision should we determine palliation to be inappropriate and to act in accordance with our advocacy mandate.

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