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“Good intentions, and kind impulses do not necessarily lead to wise and truly humane measure…Nowhere is wisdom more necessary than in the guidance of charitable impulses.  Meaning well is only half our duty; thinking right is the other and equally important half.”

Mindful of the importance of thinking right, Family Lives advises its members – patients and families, nurses and therapists, staff, supervisors, and administrators – to be lifelong learners.  To this end, the Organization recommends to its members reading articles and books, viewing films and television programs, and attending presentations, series, and workshops that illuminate the nature of healthcare in the modern world.

A selection of recommended readings, viewings, and attendings follows.

Nurses and therapists who meet eligibility requirements for tuition reimbursement and wish to purchase recommended readings or viewings or to register for recommended presentations, series, and workshops may apply the benefit towards said purchases or registrations.  To learn more about this and our other benefits click here.


“Of Years Of Love, And A Long Goodbye”

“The Late, Great Stephen Colbert”



A Brief Introduction To Social Role Valorization

A Guideline On Protecting The Health And Lives Of Patients In Hospitals

Ahead Of His Time

Christmas In Purgatory

From The Hearts Of Mothers

Ghost Boy

Healing Hearts

I Raise My Eyes To Say Yes

In Search Of The Promised Land

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest


Stories Of Vigilant Courage

The Careless Society

The Future Of Children With Significant Impairments

The New Genocide Of Handicapped And Afflicted People

The Origin And Nature Of Our Institutional Models




Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change Family Leadership Series



Patch Adams

Scent Of A Woman

The Theory Of Everything



On Being Helpful



Fostering The Development Of Freely-Given Relationships

Introduction to Social Role Valorization

Liberation of Handicapped or Societally Devalued People From Bondage & Dependency

Medical Ethics and People With Impairments

Social Role Valorization Practicum with Program Analysis Of Service Systems’ Implementation Of Normalization Goals

Strangers in the House

The History of Human Services

Understanding Social Devaluation and the Service Worker’s Role

Any view or opinions expressed in articles, books, films, presentations, series, and workshops are those of their originators and do not necessarily represent the view of Family Lives or any of its employees.

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